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Michael Meissner lives and works in Cologne as Creative Director in an advertising agency. For over 20 years he has been mesmerized by the idea of freezing moments and scenes to brand them with a unique, personal view.


He believes that fascination can be found within the ordinary, and that most stories of life taste their best when served raw. Therefore he seeks to find visual thrills, unsuspected beauty and true soul in his close surroundings as well as on travels.

Currently, Michael is working on his ongoing longterm project "Masala", collecting characters, situations and all kinds of little oddities that he encounters while repeatedly travelling India.



2018 Editor's Pick "Street Life" 


2018 Winning Image "The Face of the Earth" 


2018 Winning Image "After Dark" 

The Independent Photographer

2017 Editors Pick "People" 

The Independent Photographer

2017 Finalist "Travel" 


Daylighted Edition V

Digital Exhibition: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris


Lofthaus Köln: Masala

Solo Exhibition

50672 Cologne, Germany

May 2019

Eigenheim Galerie: Talents of the Year
Group Exhibition

99423 Weimar, Germany
October 2017

Popdesignfestival: ehren|farb|feld

Duo Exhibition
50823 Cologne, Germany
June 2012

Selinka/Schmitz: Seitensprünge
Group Exhibition

50825 Cologne, Germany

April 2011

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